About Our Boats:

Our Guides operate SAFE and SEAWORTHY Panga Boats... the workhorse of the tropics... powered by dependable Yamaha Motors. Each boat is Licensed and Inspected by the Fisheries Ministry of Belize, and is (USCG) equipped.

About Our Guides:

Garifuna and Carib Guides are ranked among the worlds greatest seamen. They are friendly and knowledgeable, and anxious to lead you on the adventure of your life!

The Best Caribbean Fishing Location!

Belize is only about 2 hours flight from Miami and other major hubs in the U.S., making it the most accessible Exotic Caribbean Destination.

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The Very Best Guides

Belize Fishing is our passion. We are determined to give you the very best Belize Fishing Vacation possible. So we have assembled some of the best, most experienced Fishing Guides in Belize. We believe our friendly and knowledgeable (English-speaking) Garifuna, Mayan and Creole Guides, are simply the best in the business.

These guys were "born" on the sea... because their life depended upon it. Some of the finest (and most fearless) Seamen in the world, they learned from an early age how to find and hunt game from the sea. If they canít find fish... nobody can.


We practice "Catch and Release" fishing whenever possible. However in the course of fishing and handling, it is unavoidable that (some) fish may be injured and killed. To avoid any "kill and discard" fishing practices; all fish harvested will be consumed as food, or freely distributed to the poor in our community. NOTHING is EVER WASTED... GUARANTEED!

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So... what is a
"Fishing Expedition"?

A Fishing Expedition is far more than a mere "Caribbean Vacation"... more than a simple "Belize Fishing Trip". It is an Exploration into the unknown; an Authentic Sportsman's Adventure in the tradition of Zane Grey and Hemingway!

Itís not for everyone... only for those rare individuals who Hunger and Thirst for more. To Fish everyday in truly "VIRGIN" WATERS, where those "touristy guides" never go, to gather 'round the fire in the evening, to enjoy a Cooling Drink and Real Home-cooked Meals, to sleep in Peace and Comfort in the Pure Clean Air of our authentic Jungle Lodge. In short, to experience (perhaps for the first time) all the Sights, Sounds and Sensations of a Real Caribbean Adventure.

Simply The Best

Belize Flats Fishing
A Belize Fly Fishing Vacation
could be the most satisfying fishing experience of your life. The Crystalline Flats of our Coral Reef Islands offer some of the world's finest Saltwater Flyfishing, with incredible numbers of hungry and aggressive Bonefish. And these fish are not finicky or shy about striking a wide variety of Saltwater Flies. Not a Fly Fisherman? No Problem... these fish also hit Jigs, Spoons, and even Plugs! If you are seeking a bit bigger challenge; the deeper Flats and Island Passes hold shoals of Trophy Tarpon, the whole year 'round... but bring your "A" game. Big Tarpon are easily hooked, but not easily landed! Our pristine flats are also the home of the "Crown Jewel" of Saltwater Fly Fishing; the shy, elusive and hard fighting Permit. With the largest concentrations of Permit in the world; Fishing in Belize offers you the best chance for presenting a fly or jig to your first Trophy Permit. You are sure to have plenty of opportunities to catch big Barracuda, Crevalle, Mutton Snapper, Grouper and Shark as well.

Belize "Backcountry" Fishing
Fishing in Belize
with Spearfish Island Adventures will give you some of the best Backcountry Fishing in the world. No need to worry about wind, weather or rough seas here! Our vast network of interlocking Rivers, Canals and hidden Jungle Lagoons provides SPECTACULAR FISHING for Tarpon, Trophy Snook, Big Jack Crevalle, Goliath Grouper, HUGE Cubera Snapper and more... all in the calm and peaceful "Backwaters" of Belize. So you can leave the Dramamine at home!

"Virgin" Fishing Safaris
Want even MORE ADVENTURE? Want to cast your Saltwater Flies and Lures where boats and tourists NEVER GO? Spearfish Island Adventures can make your fishing dreams come true! If you are truly ready for the adventure of a lifetime, our Guides can lead you into the ďhiddenĒ backwaters of Salt Creek Lagoon, Rocky Point Lagoon and other "forgotten" waterways... across Shallow Flats and Rocky Bars where motorboats fear to tread! The hungry and aggressive Snook, Tarpon, Goliath Grouper, Cubera (and more) in these pristine and unspoiled waters have NEVER SEEN A LURE! Just Imagine the Possibilities!

Fish the Amazing "Tarpon Trail"!
For the Rarest of Adventures, Experience the Most Unique Fishing in the world, on our incredible "Tarpon Trail"... FRESHWATER welling up from Subterranean Rivers into Hidden Freshwater Jungle Lagoons, Filled with HUNGRY TARPON! Truly a Fly Fisherman's Dream; casting your Flies to aggressive "Baby Tarpon" all the way up to 100 pound Monsters. This "Once in a Lifetime" fishing Experience is 100% EXCLUSIVE to us... available nowhere else on Planet Earth!

We Do One Thing...

Here at Spearfish Island Adventures we do ONE THING... FISHING! We donít do SCUBA, we donít do "Dolphin Swims," "Manatee Encounters," or any of those other "touristy" things... not that there is anything wrong with those things... we just don't do it. We are All Fishing... All The Time! Only Real Caribbean Fishing at itís Very Best!

You deserve the very best AUTHENTIC Belize Fishing Experience for your Adventure Travel Dollar, and we are determined to provide that authentic experience, first time and EVERY TIME.

Come for the Adventure...
Come for the Thrill!

Come for the ADVENTURE of Fishing one of the most beautiful and diverse marine habitats in the world... a world where the unexpected happens, every single day!

Come for the THRILL of your first Trophy Tarpon, Bonefish, Permit, or maybe a Goliath Grouper, or a Giant Cubera Snapper!

Come for the MEMORIES of a LIFETIME... memories of an authentic Caribbean adventure, in wild and beautiful Belize!




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Belize Fishing for Snook can be truly spectacular! Our Back- Country Lagoons and Jungle Rivers abound with big Hungry and Aggressive Fish!

Our Belize Fishing Vacation Offers you an endless variety Of fishing; Saltwater Flyfishing, Deep Sea Fishing and Trolling, Backcountry and More!

Permit Fishing? Belize has The Largest Concentrations of Permit in the World. If you are looking for your Trophy Permit, Belize is your best destination!

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To maintain the QUALITY of your experience, we are strictly limiting the number of fishermen on the water each day. Because of our self-imposed conservation, SPACE IS LIMITED!